Bike Lights & Accessories

Bike Lights & Accessories is vital for safe and comfortable road travel at night, especially when there is no outdoor lighting. Thanks to its waterproof design, it can be used in any weather. The body is made of different materials - plastic, rubber, aluminum or steel. Can be installed in several places. For example, the traditional option is on the steering wheel in front, it is not very comfortable. There will be more light if positioned in front of the fork. If the topography is uneven, then on both sides in front of the fork. Sometimes it’s used even at the back, because it helps the cars to identify the cyclist.

Bike Lights & Accessories

Halogen and LED lamps are used in the headlight for the bicycle, less often - incandescent (mainly in older models). Each of them has its own pros and cons.

 Types of bike lights:

  • non-removable - the most practical and endurable, rarely getting out of order;
  • removable - very multifunctional, can be used for other purposes;
  • wearable – can be put on the head;
  • sidelights - makes the bike clearly visible.

 What should you pay attention to in the first place when buying?

  1. Brightness.
  2. Spectrum. A soft, yellowish-warm shade is best for the eyes.
  3. Reflector pattern (smooth, grooved).
  4. Form. The bicycle headlight can be round and oval, square or rectangular. It all depends only on your preferences. These parameters do not affect the service life in any way.
  5. Time and customizable modes (flashing / continuous light) of work, which can be quickly switch while driving. Cycling lights are divided into two categories - with external power supply and with a built-in battery (its capacity is important here). They use mainly AA or AAA nickel and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
  6. Optics - ordinary glass, lens, diffuser; beam focusing - without focus, retractable / rotary, rotary-retractable; angle of illumination - should illuminate as much as possible around in order to have time to react to obstacles.
  7. Reliability - should not fall down when turning.
  8. Weight, compactness, size.
  9. Value for money.