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Bicycle saddle

Choosing a bike saddle is one of the fundamental challenges facing a cyclist. The convenience of cycling mainly depends on this. If you need a saddle for a comfortable ride, pay attention to the numerous offers of the BIKEWEST.COM store - we have products of modern brands, high-quality and beautiful models from other manufacturers.

The BIKEWEST.COM store offers customers regular discounts on many models of products in its catalog - make purchases with the benefit of your budget!

BIKEWEST Shop Saddle - Reliable, Comfortable and Attractive

In the BIKEWEST.COM store you can choose a reference bicycle saddle with a laconic, stylish design. Their type depends on the riding style: for walking (wide, soft, spring-loaded), sports, for acrobatics (the narrowest), for DH (increased dimensions, increased strength).

Bicycle saddles are made of leather and plastic. The choice of material depends on individual characteristics and preferences. Stiffness is also selected individually. Seat frame material metal: titanium, steel or chrome-molybdenum. The latter is the best option in terms of price-strength ratio.