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Bike Computers, GPS & Power Meters

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Bike Phone Holder
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30000mAh Power Bank...
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iGPSPORT iGS520: Cycling...
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Powerbank 10000 mAh...
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Mini Power Bank...
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Type-C Powerbank 20000...
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Slim Portable Powerbank...
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Power Bank 20000mAh...
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Pro Power Bank...
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Power Bank 10000mAh...
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Power Bank 20000mAh...
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Mini Power Bank...
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Quick Charge &...
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Bike Computer Gps...
Starting at $68.99Sold out

The bike computer helps athletes determine their speed (current, average, maximum), total mileage, location, cadence, altitude (ideal for mountain models), clock, GPS navigation module. All this allows training to be carried out more efficiently, systematically increasing the pressure on the muscles, and controlling parameters.

 The bicycle computers differ in the type of transmission of their signal:

  • Wired cycling computer - the base and the sensor are connected via a wire. The installation process requires skills in fixing the wire.
  • Wireless cycling computer - a radio signal is used to transmit data between the base and the sensor. Moreover, it can be fixed both on the handlebars and on the cyclist's wrist and the absence of wires significantly adds to the ride comfort.

  Depending on the functions performed, the cycling computer can be with an optimal basic set, middle and elite groups. The type of attachment can be - on the handlebar, on the stem, universal.

How to choose the right bike computer without making a mistake?

When choosing, be guided by such important indicators as:

  • bright large display - it should be handy and practical, with easy-to-read information;
  • the presence of backlight and light-sensitive sensors is actually a very important characteristic, because models without illumination are absolutely useless at dusk and dark.
  • battery life - manufacturers are not competing in increasing batteries, but in optimizing energy consumption. Most of the up-to-date computers only need 1 battery per season.

 If you are engaged in professional cycling tourism, or extreme sports, then you should pay attention to a more advanced model. If you want to use it just for work or to go fishing, then finding out the distance, speed and time will be enough for it.

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