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Bike Packs, Bags, & Racks

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Bicycle bags

When going on a long bike ride, it makes sense to think in advance about where to put the things you need during the hike. Therefore, the bike bag will be an excellent help for you on the road. Choosing the right bike bag depends on the length of your trip. In addition, it is not at all necessary to throw all things into one bag - different types of handbags may well serve for different groups of things.

Types of bike bags

Under the saddle

The most common type of bag is the saddle bag. Small but surprisingly roomy, this bag fits in the space under the saddle and is ideal for vital little things like hand pump, wrenches, small money and keys. The bag is placed edge first, so it practically does not increase air resistance. In addition, such a bag is very convenient for short everyday trips around the city.

On the steering wheel

The handlebar bike bag is another solution for small things. The bike bag attaches with clip straps and can be used as an alternative to a saddle bag. These bags are easy to remove and put on, and some online stores even offer transformable bags with a long strap. Many models are equipped with a transparent pocket for a card or mobile phone. Of the minuses - a slight deterioration in handling when the bag is fully loaded. Plus, a loose bag can make turning difficult.


You can also attach a basket to the steering wheel or rear rack. The rear baskets are generally more spacious. Bicycle shops in Minsk offer various models of baskets, including waterproof options with a lid. You can buy such a basket in the online store with delivery in Belarus. The basket has the advantage of large capacity and rigidity. The weight of the gear in the basket is evenly distributed as the basket itself is centered on the frame, making the ride easier. However, a fully loaded basket still increases the overall weight of the bike and makes handling difficult, especially when it comes to the front basket. And the rear one can increase the braking distance of the bike. And, besides, both options increase air resistance.

Cycle backpack

Cycle backpack (another name - cycling pants) is perhaps the most voluminous version of a bicycle bag. It is attached to the rear rack racks and is used to transport large items on long journeys (tents, bowlers, fishing rods, etc.). Some models of backpacks are equipped with straps so that you can hang "cycling pants" on your shoulders. The design of the backpack is designed to increase air resistance to a minimum. The main disadvantage is the inability to get something out of the cycle backpack on the go. However, on long journeys, small bike bags on the frame or on the handlebars are usually taken for essentials.

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