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Cycling Sunglasses & Lenses

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When cycling, be it a specially used trail or rough terrain, you need to take care of the safety of your eyes. Of course, you can use regular sunglasses or any other sports glasses. But for greater safety and comfort of cycling, it is recommended to use special bicycles.

Criteria for choosing glasses for a cyclist:

1. The lenses of bicycle goggles should not be glass, because if small stones get in if they fall, they can break and injure your eyes with fragments.

2. Bicycles should be close to the face, and the glasses should be elongated to the temples - so that the sun could not get into your eyes past the glasses, and also so that various midges and sand flew into the same place.

3. The bottom and from the side of the temples of the glasses of the bicycles should not have a rim.

Why: to maximize your view, because a car driving from the side and from behind can easily hide behind the frame. And this is already life-threatening.

4. The nose pad should be rubberized and padded.

5. Use polycarbonate in the manufacture of cycling goggles.

6. Cycling goggles provide protection against ultraviolet radiation: UV400.

We recommend that you pay attention to the Cycling Polarized Eyewear Glasses presented in our shop.

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