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Bluetooth Speakers

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Riding a bike is fun to combine with listening to music, and it is useful to listen to audiobooks, lectures or podcasts. For this, wireless acoustics will come in handy. In most cases, this is an oversized audio speaker with wireless connection to a smartphone. For this, the Bluetooth Speakers standard is used, less often Wi-Fi.
Portable acoustics are capable of producing loud and clear sound. The gradation of prices for such devices is directly related to the ability to accurately transmit frequencies and the output sound power.

Portable speakers with one channel sound in mono, a speaker with two channels in stereo.

This is how the sound is perceived in three dimensions. Panoramic audio sounds both indoors and outdoors.

The stereo system is sometimes supplemented with a subwoofer, which emphasizes the sound of low frequencies.

Gadgets are portable, and, accordingly, demanding on the volume of the battery. Some speakers can play for a couple of hours, some have up to a day. Manufacturers indicate not only the battery capacity in mAh, but also the operating time.

Basic functions of wireless speakers

The basic functions of most portable speakers are the same. Bluetooth Speakers is used to launch audio from paired devices: a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
The devices also differ:

the presence of additional "chips" (radio, microphone, remote control, voice assistant or alarm clock);
the number of additional connectors;
the ability to work from the network;
type of management;
design and dimensions.
Features of Wireless Cycling Speakers
Portable acoustics of small dimensions with a carabiner are suitable for cycling. This metal piece allows you to attach the speaker to a backpack, trouser belt or bicycle.

Bluetooth Speakers are sometimes equipped with special handlebar mounts, but these can be purchased separately.

Take a closer look at the steel mountings and the presence of a shock absorbing rubber pad.

The speaker cabinet must be made of durable material that is shock and moisture resistant. A great option is a lightweight aluminum body.

Dust and moisture protection is a parameter that determines whether the speaker can be used near a pond or in the rain, as well as in a sandy area. This parameter is indicated by the IP index, and the increasing level is indicated by numbers from 1 to 10. For cycling, it is better to have a speaker with a protection level of at least IPX7.

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