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Wheels, electronics, carbon, Shimano. Big talk about cycling trends

This month, the Japanese company Shimano, one of the world's largest bicycle equipment manufacturers, unveiled the main innovation in recent years - the updated Dura-Ace and Ultegra road ranges. It's a triumph of engineering: Hydraulic Bicycle Brake, electronic shifting, even more speeds. The bicycle is rapidly approaching something cosmic in terms of its level of elaboration: it is cooler, it is more complex, it is faster than ever, but also more expensive. New Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra: 12-Speed Electronic Shimano decided to support the general trend, rather than revolutionize and add even more speeds. Otherwise, you probably would have to change too much, including the distance between the feathers, wheels, and so on. This is all Shimano decided not to...

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Bicycle storage on the ceiling: types of suspensions (hook, lift, bracket)

Types of hangers for storing bicycles (hook, lift, bracket) One of the main problems with bike storage is the lack of free space. Standard corridors are generally narrow and there is little room for passage. Not everyone has balconies and garages, and many things accumulate there. A good solution is to mount the bike to the ceiling. There are several options for hanging. The choice of the best one depends on the size of the room and the bike itself. You can not only buy the mount but also make it yourself. How exactly - we will tell in this article. How to store bicycles under the ceiling The main point that is taken into account when choosing is the...

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Remote season. How cycling is experiencing lockdown

Part 1. Dark times When Italy fell seriously ill at the end of February, even notorious optimists began to look into the 2020 calendar with deep concern. The Giro is not the first and not even the most significant start of the season, but it is one of only three grand tours, a race that has been interrupted during its 100-year history only due to world wars. Is this really possible now, in peacetime? The Grand Tour is a three-week bike ride that combines variety, tension, and dedication in sport. Everyone knows about the Tour de France - the French grand tour, the same ones are held in Italy (Giro d'Italia) and Spain (Vuelta) - that's all, there are three...

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