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Hiking Uphill: Tips and Tricks for Climbing with Ease
Hiking uphill can be a challenging but rewarding experience, offering stunning views and a chance to improve your physical and mental health. However, it can also be daunting for beginners or those with less experience. In this post, we provide helpful tips and tricks for making uphill hiking easier, reducing the risk of injury, and enjoying the journey. We answer frequently asked questions about uphill hiking, such as common challenges, essential gear, and health benefits. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting out, this post has something for everyone. Join us on the trail and discover the joy of hiking uphill with confidence and ease.

Remote season. How cycling is experiencing lockdown
Part 1. Dark times When Italy fell seriously ill at the end of February, even notorious optimists began to look into the 2020 calendar with deep co...

Traveling to Mexico in a pandemic
An Amsterdam-based journalist blogging about life in the Netherlands. During the pandemic, she traveled to Mexico. Now she shares a fresh itinerary for a very interesting trip to Mexico.

Personal experience of the hike: Quarantine on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea
For March 2020, friends have planned a commercial hike along the Lycian Trail in Turkey. The western part of the route was familiar to me, and this time I wanted to go east. The pandemic that was raging “out there” did not seem to be the reason that could disrupt my plans.

Pandemic Travel: Cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles
Pandemic Travel: Cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Along one of the most scenic routes on the Pacific coast.

Through the eyes of an urbanist: Cycling through Europe
"When it gets boring, the brain looks for something to catch on, and the first thing it finds is your body."

The idea of a bike trip in Latin America and the early days in Mexico
Let's start the article with a bike check - a description of a bike that I traveled in Latin America. And then I will tell you how the idea of this bike tour came about, why the bike is cooler than public transport and how the first days of the trip went.

Mountain bike and hybrid: what's the difference?
Mountain (MTB) and hybrid bikes can be quite similar in appearance. Both have straight handlebars, wide tires, disc brakes. Many hybrids have a sus...

6 of the best cycling routes in the Alps
Between skiing seasons, the best way to keep fit in the Alps is by bike. Here are six of the most popular cycling routes that are quite affordable even for those who are not used to cycling in high altitude conditions. These bike tours will give you the opportunity to enjoy scenic views and combine physical activity with an unforgettable culinary experience along the way.

Eight best cycling routes in Spain
Cycling trips allow you to combine physical activity, being in the fresh air, the opportunity to see amazing landscapes and cover more new places in a single trip in a short period of time.

Best Cycle Tour to Turkey "Unrivaled Cappadocia". Travel tips.
Many go to Turkey for a holiday in the numerous resorts along the Mediterranean or Black Sea coast. But few people suspect what a beautiful nature is hidden from the ordinary tourist inside the country. Going on a bike tour in Turkey, we will visit the mountainous part of the country with its beautiful corners. On this trek we will visit Cappadocia with its unearthly landscapes, overcome the mountains of the Central Taurus, and finish the journey with a traditional vacation on the Mediterranean coast. Each day of the bike ride will pass through new, dissimilar gorges, so you will finally fall in love with Turkey! Exactly in October, exotic fruits ripen in Turkey, which will add special unforgettable colors to the trip.

Why back hurts after a bike and how to avoid it
A bicycle makes life so much more mobile. While everyone is in traffic jams, you rush about your business with the breeze. Why back hurts after a bike and how to avoid it?