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Bike/Cycling Jackets

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The colder the weather, the more you have to put on while riding. As the third or fourth layer of clothing, in the weather approaching frost, a cycle jacket is most often worn.

All cycling jackets are divided into two main types: protective and warming-protective.

Protective jackets include windbreakers and raincoats that help protect against different weather conditions. Windbreakers protect from wind and short-term drizzling rain. Made from lightweight, compact fabrics. This cycling jacket is easy to pack, put in a backpack and take with you on a bike ride. Raincoats will protect the cyclist not only from the wind, but also from heavy rain.

Cycling jackets are designed not only to protect against weather conditions, but also to effectively wick away sweat and excess heat from the body. The breathability of the fabric plays a special role here.

Warming-protective cycling jackets are worn in frosty winter weather. They are equipped with a warm lining (most often made of fleece). The warming function does not prevent sweat from escaping.

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