Bike/Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jersey is a cyclist's clothing item for comfortable movement. It takes its origins in the legendary Cycling Tour de France and Girod Italia. It was intended exclusively for competition in cycling, but later it "migrated" into ordinary life. Today you can order a bicycle jersey in our online store, by price, season, appearance.

Any keen long-distance cyclist will think about special clothing. Gloves, pants / shorts and jersey are the first things you need for a comfortable outfit when traveling. Let's consider what advantages jersey has, what they are and how justified such a purchase is.

Why is jersey comfortable?
Five pieces of evidence for a custom cycling jersey:
1. The Velojersey moves with the cyclist. If ordinary clothes flutter in the breeze (which will always be from riding), here we observe a complete fit to the body. At the same time, the T-shirt does not deliver any discomfort if it is chosen exactly in size.

2. Sweat wicking and ventilation. The active work of the body in motion involves the production of sweat. Normal clothes get wet, which causes discomfort and hypothermia. Jersey is made of materials that evaporate sweat, letting it pass through. The T-shirt is easy to remove, unlike a wet cotton T-shirt.

3. Back pockets. Let this not be surprising, in reality it is much more convenient than the side pockets. They are usually provided with a waterproof lining that allows personal items to be stored there. Pockets are located at the waist level, which allows you to ride with a backpack.

4. The shape of the jersey is sharpened for movement on a bicycle: the back of the jersey does not lift up in the semi-bent fit of the cyclist, which is achieved due to the soft silicone clips. The sleeves are elongated (in classic models), the neck is equipped with a collar as protection from wind and dust.

5. Cycling clothing, even in dark colors, is visible on the road. This is another plus for security. And besides, it attracts attention and looks stylish.

Comfort, convenience and safety are three key points on which the use of jersey is rationally justified. Of course, professional clothing should be appropriate for the weather, riding style and bike class.

Wearing the right clothes helps you win seconds in competitive sports. This influence was specially investigated by a team of aerodynamics specialists Mark Cote and Chris Y. For comparison, cyclists passed the track in regular sportswear and special cycling. The studies were carried out on both winter and summer clothes of the same cut. An interesting pattern emerged.

Winter. Cyclists in special cycling clothing were able to cover the distance of 40 km in 83 seconds faster than their opponents. The speed was reached about 50 km / h. In terms of a 100 km track, the savings would be twice as significant - by 3.5 minutes. In everyday life this difference may seem insignificant, but not in the cycling environment.

Summer. Here, the jersey outperforms the regular baseball jersey by 91 seconds at the same distance. In terms of 100 km, you can save 4 minutes. All this proves that the more the clothes are attached to the body, the higher the dynamics of the cyclist, the less air resistance, the higher the speed and, accordingly, the better the race results.