Bike Computer Waterproof 5 Language

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For many, cycling is not just an economical and quick way to get from point A to point B, but also a great workout option. However, in this case, you can not do without modern assistants Bike Computer. Knowing the mileage of a bike is also useful for its maintenance. The most convenient at the moment are wireless magnetic bicycle speedometers. Firstly, they are small and slowly consume battery power. Secondly, they are shockproof and waterproof.

Stopwatch and Accessories: Wireless Stopwatch
Product tyle: 5 Language Wireless Comeputer
Size: 6.2*3.8*1.4CM
Weight: 30g(Net);96.5g(Gross)
Application: MTB,Road Bike
Waterproof: Can be used in rainy day but not allowed soak in water
Power Supply: CR2032H
Batteries L: About 1 year(average use of 2 hours per day)
Fit position: Bicycle handlebar
Language: English,Deutsch,France,Dutch,Espanol
Features: Backlight,multifunction,easy to use, water resisit,5 languages