Multicolor Bike Cover

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The cover allows you to store the bike without removing the wheels and accessories. Using belts, you can tighten the cover in the shape of a bicycle, and thanks to the handles, the bicycle in the cover can be hung on a hook. The most important purpose of a bicycle case is that it is designed to carry a bicycle in the trunk and in a passenger car, on a bus, on the railway, in the water and in the air. Somewhere a bag cover is an opportunity for the trip itself (you cannot travel without it and Products for Camping and Hiking may be needed), somewhere - an opportunity to take a bicycle for free.

Item Name: Bike Cover
Size M: Fit 24" 26" 700C Road bike
Size L: Fit 27.5" 29" MTB bike
Material: Polyester+Spandex
Feature: Dust-Proof,Scratch-proof