Bike Computer 2.8" Large Screen

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Quality bike computers for your bike! Bicycle computer - a system of a monitor and sensors that display the speed and mileage of a cyclist. The device is running on battery power. The batteries of the bike computer are quite economical and they will rarely need to be changed with active driving. A wireless computer is much more convenient to use than additional wires that stretch from the pedals and the frame to the steering wheel.

Stopwatch and Accessories: Waterproof Stopwatch
Bicycle Computer is_customized: Yes
Bike Computer Function: 20 Function , Please see details
Cycling Computer Colors: Black
Package kind 1: Wireless Computer
Package kind 2: Wired Computer
Bicycle Computer Features: Large screen, multi-function, waterproof, strong installation
Cycling Computer: 2.8" Large Screen Bicycle Computer
2.8" Large Screen Bicycle Computer: Rainproof Speedometer
Odometer Bike Stopwatch: Wireless and wired
Rainproof Bicycle Speedometer: Bike Speedometer
C Style ScreenComputer: 2.1"Mini Screen Bicycle Computer