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Video Review Contest Rules

Dear Customers!

We invite you to take part in the video review competition!

Everything is very simple:

To participate, you must shoot a video by the rules (clause 3.5. Requirements for video reviews) for any product from our catalog and send it to us at, indicating in the subject line "Video feedback contest" or "Video feedback". You can also send us a download link where your video will be uploaded or upload a video to us by e-mail.
After passing the moderation, the video will be published on our Youtube channel, and you will receive a guaranteed prize of 5 bonus US dollars (1 time regardless of the number of videos).
The winner will receive 100 bonus US dollars, the prize for the 2nd place - 75 bonus US dollars, for the 3rd place - 50 bonus US dollars. The prize for a 4th-10th place is 30 bonuses. Bonuses for places 1-10 are awarded in addition to the guaranteed amount.

We are waiting for your useful and creative video reviews!

We wish you inspiration and good luck! 

Public Competition Rules

"Bonus points for the best video review"

1. General Provisions

1.1. The contest "Bonus points for the best video feedback" (hereinafter referred to as the Contest) is held by the conditions set out below (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) as open Public competition and is not an advertising game. The competition does not pursue the goal of making a profit or other income. There is no fee for participation in the Contest. The Competition is aimed at achieving a socially useful goal - to support and develop the creative abilities and communication skills of the Competition participants.

1.2. This Contest is held on the YouTube resource: the online store website: (link for access:, located in the public domain on the Internet (hereinafter referred to as these Of the Rules - Site).

1.3. Only products presented in the catalog on the website can take part in the competition.

1.4. Organizer of the public competition Hopika.Inc.

1.5. The competition period is from Jule 1, 2021, to December 25, 2021. The winners of the competition are selected from every 100 selected videos.

1.6. The participant agrees with the public offer agreement and is ready to transfer the rights to the sent video material.

1.7. The competition is held in English.

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2. Requirements for the participants of the Competition:

2.1. Individuals who have reached the age of 16 (hereinafter - the Participant) are invited to participate in the Contest.

2.2. A participant in the Contest cannot be a member of the Commission and a person who has an employment relationship with the Organizer, the spouse of such a person, his close relatives, and persons who are in a relationship with such a person.

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3. Conditions of the Contest, subject to which a person becomes a participant in the public Contest:

3.1. The participant receives the right to participate in the Competition free of charge.

3.2. To participate in the Competition, they are not required to order the goods of the Organizer.

3.3. The Prize means:

3.3.1. 5 bonus US dollars per account for orders in the online store, hereinafter the Guaranteed Prize.

3.3.2. The main prize is a 100 USD bonus per account for purchases in the online store 2nd place - 75 bonus dollars per account for purchases in the online store. 3rd place - 50 bonus dollars per account for purchases in the online store. 4th-10th place - 30 bonus dollars per account for purchases in the online store.

3.3.3. Bonus dollars are accumulated points that can be used for purchases in the online store, were 1 bonus = 1 US dollar.

3.3.4. Bonus dollars cannot be cashed and can only be used when paying in the online store Bonus dollars expire if no purchases are made within 6 months.

3.4. To participate in the Contest, it is necessary to make interesting and informative video feedback about any goods presented on the website The finished video Participants must send during the drawing to the mail, indicating in the subject line "Video feedback" and a mobile phone number, or send a download link where the video will be uploaded.

3.5. Requirements for video reviews:

3.5.1. The introduction to the video should contain the phrase: "Review on (product name, model), especially for".

3.5.2. The length of the video is from 2 to 10 minutes.

3.5.3. Horizontal format. Resolution - at least 720 pixels vertically, 1280 pixels horizontally.

3.5.4. Video feedback must comply with the requirements of morality, not preach a cult of violence, racial (ethnic, national) hostility, religious intolerance, not call for a coup d'etat and other criminal acts, or violate the laws of the United States.

3.5.6. Video reviews must not be pornographic or erotic.

3.5.7. Video feedback should not contain offensive / obscene statements, obscene language, swear words, and expressions. Reviews that do not meet ethical and moral standards will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

3.5.8. Video feedback should not contain information that substantiates or justifies the admissibility of violence and (or) cruelty, or encourages violent actions towards people or animals.

3.5.9. The video review should not contain a description of alcoholic and (or) alcohol-containing products; narcotic drugs, psychotropic and (or) intoxicating substances, tobacco products, including the process and/or consequences of their consumption; gambling, vagrancy or begging, prostitution; and also not contain information that arouses the desire to use alcoholic and (or) alcohol-containing products, drugs and (or) intoxicating substances, tobacco products, engage in prostitution, vagrancy or begging or take part in gambling.

3.5.10. Video feedback should not be classified as advertising, including hidden advertising.

3.5.11. In video reviews, it is unacceptable to use fragments of other people's videos, as well as music protected by copyright.

3.5.12. The submitted material must have satisfactory graphics and sound quality.

3.5.13. Video feedback must comply with US law.

3.6. Each Participant can take part in the Contest an unlimited number of times. The Guaranteed Prize is credited to the Member's account for one video. The main prize, the prize for the 2nd and 3rd places, the prize for the 4th-10th places is also credited to the Participant's account once. If several reviews of the Participant have won prizes (1-10), the Participant is entitled to a prize of a higher order. The prize of a smaller order goes to the next Participant.

3.7. The winner of the competition has the right to continue to participate in the competition with a new video.

3.8. All directed video reviews undergo preliminary moderation (checking for compliance with the basic requirements for posting video reviews set out in clause 3.5). After successfully passing the moderation, the video feedback is published on the Site.

3.9. By sending video feedback for participation in this Contest, the Contest Participant agrees that in the future the exclusive rights to video feedback are transferred to the Organizer; and video feedback can be used by the Organizer without paying any remuneration to the participant.

3.10. The online store reserves the right not to accrue a Guaranteed Prize to the Participant for the video feedback sent that does not meet the requirements in clause 3.5. 

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4. Determination of the Prize holder:

4.1. After the publication of a video review on the Site, all authors of videos that meet the requirements in clauses 3.5-3.6 will receive a Guaranteed Prize.

4.2. The determination of the owner of the Main Prize (hereinafter the Winner) and the distribution of other prize places between the participants is carried out as a result of a closed vote by the Expert Commission (hereinafter the Commission).

4.3. The commission evaluates each of the submitted video reviews and gives an appropriate score. The assessment takes into account:

4.3.1. Informativeness. From 1 to 10 points, where 10 is the maximum. The video feedback should be a detailed, complete story about the consumer properties and distinctive features of the product/features of operation, impressions of the product's operation, the most useful functions of the product/reasons in favor of purchasing the product, expectations from its operation, planned options for using the product presented in the catalog on the website When evaluating a review, the potential benefit of the information in the video to viewers is considered.

4.3.2 Creativity. From 1 to 6 points, where 6 is the maximum. When evaluating a review, the creative approach and non-standard presentation of the material are taken into account.

4.3.3. Uniqueness. From 1 to 5 points, where 5 is the maximum. The content of a video review should not repeat the content of previously published video reviews, including those about goods of a similar purpose from other manufacturers (trademarks). The maximum score is awarded to reviews containing unique information about the product, the personal opinion of the author.

4.3.4. Shooting quality. From 1 to 6 points, where 6 is the maximum. Video feedback should be of satisfactory graphics and sound quality.

4.4. For each of the criteria specified in clause 4.3, each member of the Commission gives an assessment (independently and secretly); the scores for all criteria given by all members of the Video Review Commission are summarized. The results of the 10 participants who received the maximum points are published in the public domain on the website

4.4.1. The winner of the Grand Prize is the video review (and the Participant who sent it), assessed by the Commission with the highest number of points.

4.4.2. In the case of equality of marks for several video reviews, claiming for one place, the higher place is awarded to the video review, which has a higher number of points according to the criterion "Informativeness". In the case of equality of such points, further points are considered according to the "Uniqueness" criterion.

4.5. The Commission's assessments and the distribution of the Prize Fund are final, independent of third parties, and not subject to appeal.


5. Procedure and terms for announcing the results of the Competition

5.1. The results of the Contest are published on the Internet at no later than 10 days after receiving each 100 video review. If this date falls on a day off, the Organizer has the right to publish the results on the first working day after this date.

5.2. The results of the last reported selection will be published no later than February 11, 2022.

5.3. In addition, the Organizer notifies the Winner of the Contest by sending a "personal" message to the e-mail address (if any) or notifies the Winner by SMS no later than 5 working days after the publication of the results on the Internet.

6. Procedure and terms for issuing the Prize

6.1. The guaranteed prize is credited to the Participant's account within 7 working days after the publication of the video on the Site by the requirements of clauses 3.5 - 3.6.

6.2. Prizes (bonus US dollars) are credited to the Winner's account within 7 working days after the publication of the Contest Results.

7. General conditions of the Public Competition:

7.1. The fact that the Participant sends a video clip to the Organizer's address means acceptance of the Rules and participation in the Public competition. Participants agree that their names, surnames, photographs, and video images can be used within the information about this Competition by the Organizer for advertising purposes without the Participant's prior consent and any monetary payments. All rights to such publications and filming results belong to the Organizer.

7.2. The Organizer is not responsible for the operation of the Internet when using it by the Participant (for example, for the work of companies providing Internet services to the Participant), cellular mobile telecommunication operators (poor connection with the operator, etc.).

7.3. The Organizer is not responsible for the impossibility of contacting the Winners in the event of inaccurate information provided by the Participant.

7.4. The results of the Contest will be final and cannot be disputed.

7.5. If the Organizer receives less than 100 reviews, the results of the Contest are not summed up.

7.6. The Organizer does not enter into disputes with the Participants regarding the determination of the owner of the won prize and/or applicants for the Prize.

7.7. Information on the terms and conditions of participation in the Contest can be obtained on the page of the Public Contest on the Global Internet on the website at

7.8. Possible claims of the Participants about the organization of the Competition should be addressed to the Organizer of the Competition

7.9. The organizer has the right to make any changes and (or) additions to these Rules, as well as to terminate the competition at any time. Information on amendments to the procedure and conditions of the competition, as well as on the termination of its holding, is published on the website during the period of the competition.

7.10. The organizer has the right to reject any video from participation in the Contest without giving any reason.

Best regards, Team