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How to choose bike clothes

Even seasoned cyclists are sometimes confused when it comes to the question of what clothing to choose for a ride. The fact is that it is impossible to absolutely accurately forecast the weather for every day. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any weather, even though you are supposed to stay in comfortable hotels and take a lot of equipment with you.

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Exercises for buttocks and thighs (resistance band workout)

Exercises for buttocks and thighs For one workout, select 10-12 exercises of your choice (you can distribute all exercises on different days). We perform exercises for 10-20 repetitions, beginners in one approach, advanced in 2-3 approaches.1. Squat (elastic band on the hips)2. Squat (elastic under the feet)3. Jump squats4. Squats with walking to the side5. Walking in single file6. Deadlift7. Leading the leg to the side while standing8. Leading the leg back while standing9. Leading the leg back in the slope10. Raising the legs forward11. Squat + leg abduction12. Driving13. Steps in place14. Jump to the side15. Side lunge + swing to the side16. Lunge + leg swing17. Raising the legs on the side18. Calf flexion with elastic band19. Breeding...

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