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Parts Bicycle Brake System

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Without brakes, a bicycle is not relevant and they should ensure your safety when driving at all times. Considering how many types of bicycles and classes there are, there are special brakes for each. Here are what they are:

V-brakes are the most popular rim brakes.

They are easy to set up and cheap to maintain. Rim brakes also include claw brakes, U-brakes are more often used on road and cyclocross bicycles.

Disc brakes are of two types, mechanical and hydraulic.

The former uses a cable (as in v-brake) the braking force depends on pressing the brake lever, the latter has the same principle of operation, but instead of a cable, a hydraulic line is installed (inside which brake fluid is poured).
Disc brakes work in any weather and are not afraid of dirt, since the brake is located in the center of the wheel, and not along the rim. Disc brakes have better modulation and smoother braking.

Another of the main properties of the disc brake allows you to safely continue driving in spite of the appearance of an eight-wheel and the brakes themselves need to be serviced less often.

Bicycle brake system

Everyone chooses a bike according to their taste and pocket, but it is definitely impossible to save on the braking system. Your safety while driving directly depends on what kind of brakes you put on your bike. In the USA, where traffic can be very busy, quality bicycle brakes can even save lives. Today, disc brakes are most often found on a bicycle, but rim brakes should not be forgotten. In the last century, drums were also common, but today their popularity has almost completely disappeared.

Mechanics Bicycle Brake System

Disc brakes on a bicycle are very popular today, despite the fact that they are somewhat more expensive than all other types of brakes. The principle of their operation is very similar to the principle of operation of rim brakes with the only difference being that it is not the wheel rims that are clamped, but special brake discs. Such brakes usually last longer, since the discs do not wear off so quickly and the pads are already made of steel. They behave much more reliably and more confidently on difficult sections of the road and in bad weather. Therefore, the high cost of this type of brake is highly justified.

Hydraulics Bicycle Brake System

Hydraulic bike brakes are especially appreciated by cyclists who love to ride in any weather, regardless of rain, frost, or mud. They are good because they will work regardless of weather conditions. The principle of operation of hydraulic brakes is based on the fact that the force on the brake pads is directed with the help of a special fluid, directed through the hydraulic line. The smoothness of braking has made this type of brake one of the best brake types for a bicycle. If you have ever owned a mountain bike, you probably know that the brakes on it should work flawlessly, but not too harshly, otherwise, you will roll head over heels down the mountain, and the bike will fly after you. This is why a mountain bike with hydraulic brakes, although more expensive, is a preferred choice over a mountain bike with a mechanical brake.

Setting the brakes Bicycle Brake System

Comparing different types of brakes, it is worth saying that any braking system does not last forever and it is necessary to take into account how quickly these brakes can be repaired. If replacing pads on a bicycle equipped with a rim brake is a simple matter that even a schoolboy can handle, the hydraulic brakes will be almost impossible to fix without assistance. If your bike is equipped with a complex braking system, adjusting the brake on the bike is a matter that needs to be taken into account for a sufficient amount of time before going out on the road.

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