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Bike/Cycling Tights & Knickers

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If you are an experienced cyclist, you probably already know how comfortable and effective Cycling Tights & Knickers are. They should be well-fitting, but comfortable and should not hinder movement. They should not be too tight or too loose and should protect your feet from rubbing against the saddle. The lining should not be too thin or, on the contrary, too thick, should be good at wicking moisture (mostly sweat, but in a race that does not happen) and provide ventilation, and the fabric should be abrasion resistant and elastic to hold in place around the legs. and not gather in folds.

If you buy good Cycling Tights & Knickers that meet all these conditions,

then they will certainly help to avoid the painful sensations, as well as other much more serious consequences associated with being on a bicycle saddle for a long time.

If you are new to cycling, you will realize how good Cycling Tights & Knickers are after completing your first ride of 50 kilometers. Sports bike saddles are primarily made for effective pedaling, and comfort is secondary. Well-made and well-sized cycling shorts with a well-spaced padding (“diaper” as cyclists also call it) will make your ride much more enjoyable.

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