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Cycling Clothes in Henderson

Something different, every day.

Cycling Clothes in Henderson - most often made of lycra, a very strong stretch material. It is very comfortable to pedal in it - nothing hinders movement, unlike simple clothes. For example, cycling shorts have a "diaper" - it does two things: first, it relieves the pressure from the saddle, since many sport saddles are narrow. Secondly, it absorbs excess moisture, which is important on a hot day. But if you are not yet ready to see yourself in special Cycling Clothes in Reno, then there are other types of cycling shorts that are more like regular shorts, and at the same time do not restrict movement, they come with or without a diaper.
In addition to cycling shorts and cycle shirts, there are other types of Cycling Clothes in Anaheim: cycling jackets (made of warmer materials, for cool weather), raincoats, wind, and waterproof vests, membrane jackets, warmers for arms and legs - many different useful and functional clothes ... Choose your outfit and ride in comfort!

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