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Bike Storage

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Having bought a bike, many riders think about where and how to Bike Storage. It's good if the house has enough free space and there are no problems with placing a two-wheeled friend. But in most cases, finding a place to store your bike is extremely difficult. Especially if there is no glazed loggia or balcony.
What should be done in this case? The main thing is not to despair! Now we will offer you several different ways to store your bike in your apartment and show you some tools to optimize this process.

1. Suspension to the ceiling surface

The compact and easy-to-use bracket saves floor space. The only drawback is that it is not suitable for women and children, since the bike weighs a lot and there is simply not enough strength to hang it from the ceiling every time.

2. Suspended from the ceiling with brackets

This is an easier and more convenient way to store your bike. The product is attached to the installed brackets with a handlebar and a saddle and then pulled to the desired height. After that, the cord must be fixed in a taut state. 
The disadvantage of such an attachment is the complexity of mounting the suspension elements.

3. Vertical wall storage

A device of this type looks like an ordinary coat hanger. The bike in an upright position is attached to the Bracket for storing the bike by the rear wheel, and the hook is started by the rim of the front.

4. Horizontal wall mount

This method is the most popular and practical. The bike takes up a minimum of space, does not interfere with anyone, and does not stain the walls. And the choice of mounts, in this case, is huge. When installing stationary hooks, the bike take-out is minimal, which allows you to compactly store the vehicle. However, there is one "but": the bike with the handlebars and pedals can run against the wall, which will impede storage. To solve the problem, you need to turn the steering wheel at a right angle and unscrew the pedals. The Wall Hook Holder Bicycle Storage is convenient and practical. Can also be used for daily bike storage. Due to the large offset, the bike can be easily suspended and removed. Another option for horizontal wall storage of a vehicle is to mount shelves and cabinets made of various materials, which you can even make with your own hands. As you can see, there are many options for storing bikes. The main thing is to decide which one is right for you.

Bicycle storage devices at home

A bicycle is safer, lighter, cheaper, and more affordable than a car, but it also poses a number of storage problems, just like real transportation. Bicycles fall in the garage, on the balcony, in the common house stroller, they always lack space, and it is not always possible to find your own right away. The solution is bicycle storage systems that allow you to fix the bike on the floor or wall with space-saving and convenient access.

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