Bike Shorts & Bibs

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Cycling shorts with special inserts provide maximum comfort while riding any bike. This is especially felt after overcoming 14-15 kilometers of track. It is at such a moment that you realize the importance of what material the shorts are made of.

Cycling shorts are usually made from dense nylon. Thin elastic cycling shorts with "diapers" are sewn inside, which tightly fit the body. The shorts can be purchased separately depending on your preferences.

Cycling shorts have a special cut, articulated knees, a belt built into the belt or belt loops. The special design provides maximum comfort while riding in the city, long trips and cycling.

Shorts are short, up to the knees, below the knees; with many pockets; with a fixed drawdown along the lower edge; made of pure cotton or nylon. Like regular shorts, cycling shorts are categorized as bermuda, breeches, capri pants and 3/4 to half calf pants. The choice depends on whether you have to ride in an open space or in the woods and mountains.

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