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Cycling equipment. These are the things every cyclist should have!

Cycling clothing is more than just a T-shirt and shorts. To ride your bike safely and comfortably, take care of a few details.

See what a complete cycling outfit should look like, what materials are good for cycling, and what to look for when bicycle shop.

Cycling equipment

Cycling gear includes a shirt, shorts, gloves, socks, shoes, helmet, and goggles. Better to stock up on cycling equipment in a specialist store - clothing from supermarkets does not fulfill the required functions of equipment in such a high-intensity sport as cycling.

Pants and T-shirts must be close to the body, but they must not pinch or squeeze the cyclist's body. Clothing made from modern, breathable materials that also resist steaming (eg clothing with a Windstopper layer) will work well. The colors of cycling clothes are also important. For increased safety, clothing should contain reflective elements.

Buy bike shirts

The bike shirts should be made of a material that dries quickly and absorbs moisture from the outside (for example, polyester and polyamide fibers). The back of a cycling jersey is usually lengthened (this keeps the back cool when exposed to the wind).
A good T-shirt should have two or three pockets sewn in (it's good to have one of them zipped so you can put your keys in without worrying about losing them). Other pockets will fit a water bottle or energy bar

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