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Bike Pedals & Cleats

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Bike Pedals are installed in the crank arm by screwing in the axles. It is these parts that serve as the starting mechanism for any bike. After all, they provide support for the cyclist and turn, when pressed, the translational movements of the pistons into twisting ones. There are two types of pedals, depending on the design:

Traditional Bike Pedals:

They allow the machine to be activated by pressing the foot on the surface of the pedal. Classic - can be equipped with attachments for special straps. With these, you can fix your foot on the pedal.

Contact bike pedals:

They have elements for fixing the foot, therefore, they allow the machine to be activated not only during pushing but also at the moment of raising the leg. In this case, the driving speed increases, since the mechanism works more efficiently also by pulling the pedal up. They have frames that grip the bike cleats on the shoe and provide a secure fit on the pedals. If you need to free your leg, you just need to turn it to the side. The number of fixing bolts may differ. They are used to equip road bikes or extreme cycling bikes.

The pedals are installed by screwing in, so the right one has a standard thread, and the left one is reverse. This feature prevents the possibility of parts twisting while driving.

The pedal axis is made of metal. The body on which the footrests can be made of metal, plastic, rubber, and a combination of these materials.

In the online bike store you can choose and order different types of pedals and bicycle cleats. There are relatively inexpensive models with wide platforms, ribbed frames, reinforced, and others. Available options are made of metal, plastic, and rubber pads. There are models in neutral black and gray, as well as original ones with inserts of red, yellow, or other shades.

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