Bike Kickstands

Buying a Bike Kickstands can be useful in different cases: for storing it at home, transporting it or repairing it. The holders are designed to make life easier for cyclists. Imagine you want to go on a bike ride, but to a place with beautiful views, where you are going to ride, say, 400 km. Yes, it is possible to overcome this route by bicycle, but will there be any strength left for a walk? And then come back again, are you ready for such a test? Not? Then the bike mount for the car is exactly what you need.

What are Bike Kickstands?

There are various types of holders, we have already risen a little higher about them, let's understand in more detail. The following types of bike holders are presented in the catalogs of the store:

Home storage racks.

Designed for convenient location of the bike in the apartment. Thanks to their use, you can save space at home. There are three types of attachment:

On the wall. The bike rack is not the most demanded, as it is one of the most convenient types of bracing. It doesn't take a lot of effort to secure the bike, doesn't require a lot of space along the wall, freeing up space under interior items.
To the ceiling. The second most popular home accessory for storing a bike. It, like a wall-mounted one, frees up space, but it is harder to handle it: to fix it at a sufficiently high height;
Outdoor. These bike racks are the least used bike rack because they are of little use - just like putting your bike up against a wall. It takes up the same amount of space.
For repair and maintenance
Folding bike rack. Most often, bikes are mounted on such holders behind the frame so that the wheels remain suspended. Such a device allows you to repair a bicycle without having to install it with the wheels upside down. This is convenient from all points of view, for example, you check how you behave in the correct position.

For transportation by car

These devices are designed to make it easier to transport bikes to a bike ride. With their use, space is freed up in the trunk and the cabin for passengers and the attributes necessary for rest. Car mounts for a bicycle in three variations:

For fixing to the roof. Convenient in the sense that you can install several bicycles 1-5 pieces at once. If you like to ride with friends, then this brace is what you need. The only drawback is that fastening the bike to the roof seems to be quite problematic, since the iron horse needs to be raised to an impressive height, only a man can cope with this with the strength required;
Bicycle rack for tow bar. A more comfortable way of fixing, the bike does not need to be lifted so high, as a result, less need to be applied. Transporting bikes this way is becoming more and more popular;
With mounting on the back of the car: SUVs, minivans, minibuses and other cars.