Bike Frame Protection

Bicycle frame protection is a set of additional accessories that significantly expand the functionality and add convenience when using the bike. As a rule, when you buy, you just get a bicycle. To make your ride comfortable, safe and take care of its protection from external factors, you will need the products from this section. What is included in this broad concept?

Devices designed for the convenience of fastening and transportation - trunk (made of steel, titanium, aluminum, with a large margin of safety).

It can be mounted on the front / back. Indispensable in hot weather and a flask with a flask for drinking. For a safe and comfortable trip for children - a child seat.

Bicycle calls (shock or electronic), beeps, horns - for sound notification of other road users

Bicycle locks - cable, chain, plate or staples.

Bicycle pump - small-sized, stationary, with a telescopic structure, with / without a pressure gauge.

Rear view mirrors.

Mudguards or wheel guards - distinguish between full-size and universal.

Of course, those who love their bike and want it to last longer are also interested in bike protection, which consists of certain devices. So, for example, under the frame guard, it reliably protects against dirt and dust.

More about bike protection

If you have a bike with one gear, then you can install a chain guard on the top and bottom of it.

A combined plastic / aluminum shield is used to protect the sprocket; rockring made of lexan. Since the right rear downstay is often scratched and broken, it is best to immediately put a protective accessory made of neoprene fabrics and with Velcro fixing around the edges. You can choose the color scheme. There is a reliable tool to protect your bike from theft - a bike lock. There are several types - anti-theft cable (popular and cheap), chain bike lock (very durable); U-shaped - hardened steel; with alarm; blocking wheel. Many people pay special attention to protection from flying mud and water while driving. Therefore, the wings are mounted on the frame / fork. They differ in efficiency, in their dimensions, appearance, width, fastening methods, and price. There are stationary / removable, plastic / metal-plastic.

To keep your bike looking like new at all times, take care of your bike's protection. Not all manufacturers complete their models with these protections.

There are several types of protection.

Bicycle feather protection (attached to the frame feather - allows you to get rid of the knock of the chain on the frame on bumps. Also protects the feathers from grease and fuel oil. The most common rag and plastic.)

System guard (attaches directly to the star-studded crank arm - prevents your trousers, jeans from getting caught in the stars and chain and does not stain you)

Spoke protection (attached to the rear wheel bushing - when the chain bounces behind a large sprocket, it will stop it from getting into the spokes)