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Bike Fenders

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Bike Fenders are an irreplaceable accessory that will protect you from dirt and water inevitably flying on your back. This is especially relevant in rainy and nasty weather. Therefore, it is worth thinking about it in advance. There is one important point - fenders must be selected, taking into account the size of the wheel (26, 28, 29). If you choose the wrong size they will constantly rub against the tire, which will lead to their rapid wearing-out and even breakdown.

 A mudguard for a bicycle is made of an elastic plastic / leather / rubber fender and is used as a reliable protection of the frame and the bumper from moisture and sand. It is easily attached with the help of the tape. It has a number of advantages: quickly removable, easy to clean, practically weightless.

How to choose the right bicycle fenders?

First, you should decide on your preferences and individual specifications. If you like fast driving then you should buy short plastic or rubber ones. This will not affect maneuverability and aerodynamics at all. For a ride around the city you can also use metal fenders. They are also suitable for road bikes and hybrids. Their main advantage is that they are more reliable and wear-proof. But there are also some disadvantages: they add extra weight, it becomes harder to move off curbs and overcome obstacles.

 So, to summarize, these are thr details that you should take into account:

  • length - the front is shorter, and the back is longer;
  • material;
  • width - should be larger than the wheel tread;
  • appearance;
  • size and weight.
  • purpose and way of driving;
  • price and quality.

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