Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are an added protection or accessory that takes cycling to the next level. Your hands do not get tired during long journeys, because the steering wheel does not rub your palms, your fingers do not go numb, and in the event of a fall, the fabric protects your hands from damage.

Types of bicycle gloves

Mittens. This is a winter model of gloves, where there is a separate compartment only for the thumb to make it easier to switch speeds. Reinforced. Used for extreme types of cycling. With the help of special inserts, the addition of plastic, reinforced fasteners, they almost completely eliminate slipping and reduce the risk of injury to the hand when falling. Sports Cycling Gloves Touch Screen. This is the standard model, where each finger has its own compartment. Mitts. The open model does not restrain the movement of the fingers while riding. Constant airing of the palms eliminates perspiration.

The benefits of cycling gloves

People of all ages today ride bicycles: from small children to the elderly. It is important to take care of your loved ones and buy bicycle gloves in Minsk, so that, in addition to a comfortable ride, give people a few pleasant bonuses:
Mobile phone management. Some models are made of this kind of material that the smartphone screen still reacts to the touch of the fingers wearing gloves. This is true for winter weather when it is difficult to be outside without gloves.
Moisture protection. To prevent moisture from penetrating into the glove, the models are covered with a special additional coating. This option will be useful during the rainy season when your hands will still be dry and the trip will not be uncomfortable.
Reflective details. The price of gloves for a bicycle with such an additional option will not be overstated, however, you will gain greater visibility on the road in the dark, and this will increase the safety of riding.
Some summer models have terry inserts on the back of the gloves. This is done specifically to wipe the sweat off the forehead.
For bicycles with smooth sliding handles, anti-slip gloves are suitable.