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Bicycle Grease

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For a long service life of a bicycle and a comfortable ride on it, regular maintenance of the equipment is necessary. This is cleaning, adjusting, and lubricating components.
Types of bicycle lubricants
Bicycle parts are subject to intense stress and need to be lubricated to prevent wear. Before that, you need to clean the surface, remove debris, dust. You can buy the following types of Grease Bicycle Chain Lubricant:

Two-component Bicycle Grease

The liquid lubricant in the bottle can be applied pointwise, getting to hard-to-reach places. An aerosolized lubricant is less convenient as it can spill onto adjacent components. Used for chain, derailleur, brake levers.

Consistent or plastic Bicycle Grease.

It has a thick composition, stays on the surface for a long time, but can attract dust. Contains calcium, graphite, and lithium. Sold in cans and tubes, applied to bushings, cables, pedals, carriage, steering cups.
Liquid. It is convenient to apply and wash with an overabundance, but the composition can drain and become vicious when the temperature changes. Sold in cans and bottles with a dispenser and syringes. Used to handle derailleur, brake cables, bushings, and forks. It is often used after the active season when the equipment is being prepared for storage for the winter.

Silicone oils can be purchased as a spray, liquid, or grease.

This variety is necessary for ease of application. Despite the difference in design, they all consist of an oxygen-containing organosilicon compound and a solvent. Silicone oil, unlike mineral or essential oils, does not damage rubber parts.

Also, silicone greases are highly resistant to dust adhesion, so they are indispensable for processing rubber seals.

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