Bicycle Cassettes

A bicycle cassette is a component that transfers power from the chain to the rear hub, allowing gear shifting using the rear derailleur. All pedaling performance and overall riding mood depend on the correct choice of this component.

The bike cassette consists of 7-10 stars.

Their main advantage in comparison with ratchets is the ability to replace one sprocket while maintaining the entire system. More often than not, the ratchet that forms the base of the cassette hub lasts much longer than the sprockets. This is one of the reasons why cassette hubs have almost completely replaced threaded ratchets today.

Rear sprockets (ratchets, cassettes) on a bicycle

The chainring on the bike is part of the transmission system, and the chainring is the driven part. They provide rotation that is transmitted from the front wheel to the rear. Without rear sprockets, the bike will not be propelled because no force is transmitted to the rear wheel. It is important to monitor the condition of these nodes, and if necessary, you can buy rear chainrings for a bicycle in Minsk at the DragonBike store. Our consultants will not only give advice on which models are better, but also help with the selection of a suitable spare part.