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Bicycle Cranksets & Parts

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A bicycle crank is a part that transfers the force from the pedal to the bottom bracket shaft. In fact, the product is a lever, to one side of which a pedal is attached, and to the other - a set of Bicycle Chainring.

Types of bicycle cranks

Manufacturers make bicycle cranks from various materials so that they are lightweight and durable.
There are many systems for attaching the connecting rod to the carriage axis. The most common are:
  • under the square. The most common type used on modern bicycles, in which the connecting rod seat is made in the form of a square. An inexpensive mountain bike was also fitted with such a system;
  • under the wedge. An inexpensive and outdated system consisting of right and left cranks mounted on the shaft. Used on Soviet bicycles such as stork and stealth. The system is designed for medium quiet loads.
  • spline connection. This type of connection is divided into two types Octalink (standard developed by Shimano) and ISIS (standard developed by Race Face). Used for more advanced and modern mountain and road bikes. Almost never found in the budget segment.
A large selection of spare parts for bicycles in our store allows you to choose the type of product you need. In addition, we set reasonable prices for goods that are of good quality.

Our online store will help you to choose and buy Bicycle Shifters or Mountain Bike Goggles correctly.

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