Bike/Bicycle Chainrings & Accessories

The chainring on the bike is part of the transmission system, and the chainring is the driven part. They provide rotation, which is transmitted from the front wheel to the rear. Without rear sprockets, the bike will not be propelled because no force is transmitted to the rear wheel. It is important to monitor the condition of these components, and if necessary, you can buy chainrings for your bike in our store.

Bicycle sprockets are part of the cassette.

They transfer torque from the chain to the rear hub. The variety of speeds is provided by the chain transfer over the sprockets in the cassette using the rear derailleur.

The Chainrings in the cassette (from 7 to 10 pieces) vary in size.

The values ​​of the gear ratio when driving and the very convenience of using the bike depend on them. The stars are also divided by the number of teeth. On mountain bikes, the latter is significantly more than on road bikes.

Rear wheel sprocket

Rear sprocket for a bicycle, its technical condition directly affects the quality and safety of riding. The correct selection of a sprocket for the drive wheel is the lion's share in ensuring a comfortable ride and durability of the sprocket itself. In the Velo-parts online store you can choose and buy rear sprockets for your two-wheel friend.

We pay special attention to quality when selecting an assortment of parts that are responsible for the technical condition of your bike and safety during operation. The star of the rear wheel of a bicycle can be: drum and cassette. Can be 1-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed ideal for mountain and speed bikes. They differ as rules by calculation: the number of teeth on each sprocket.