Cycling Clothes

Why do cyclists wear funny clothes?

There are special clothing for most activities. Cycling includes everything from shopping or work trips to long journeys. Therefore, there are many different special Cycling Clothes. On our site you can buy any specialized clothing that you need.
You probably know that you can ride a bike without any special Biking Clothes. Yes, it's true: you can ride without lycra shorts, special shoes, form-fitting jersey or even gloves with holes on the sides. In fact, the “naked bike rides” held in many cities around the world prove that you can ride without any clothes at all. But if you try to do this every day, you will not be comfortable. So cyclists wear all this lycra and gortex. This can be explained in one word: comfort. Basic streetwear is fine if you are driving close, not overclocking, and the weather is fine. But during long rides or when the weather starts to turn bad, you will be much more comfortable wearing specialized cycling clothing. This does not mean that you need to order special cycling clothing.

Cycling, like other outdoor activities and sports, is subject to certain risks and external factors.

Cyclists are considered one of the most vulnerable categories of road traffic. Unlike car drivers and their passengers, the cyclist is not protected from collisions and their consequences by various security systems. It is precisely to ensure at least a minimum level of protection that bicycle equipment is being developed.

Cycling helmets reduce injury and head strain from a fall. Knee pads will protect you from injuries to the knees and shins. Elbow pads are similar to the latter, unlike knee pads, they are only in the form of a plastic cup. Cycling gloves help to avoid chafing of corns, and a special pad in them will take all the load transferred to the hands. Cycling shoes are designed to make riding easier and more efficient.

Cyclists will also find equipment such as bicycles with elongated plastic interchangeable lenses useful; respirator protecting from dust, exhaust gases, burning, pollen.

The general selection of cycling clothing depends on the riding style and weather conditions. It is made of quality materials using special technologies. The smooth surface of the internal seams is achieved by ultrasonic gluing. The outer seams are completely sealed to protect them from getting wet.

Cycling equipment and clothes for the cyclist are selected depending on the type of ride and bike, as well as on the season