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Eight best cycling routes in Spain

Cycling trips allow you to combine physical activity, being in the fresh air, the opportunity to see amazing landscapes and cover more new places in a single trip in a short period of time.

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Best Cycle Tour to Turkey "Unrivaled Cappadocia". Travel tips.

Many go to Turkey for a holiday in the numerous resorts along the Mediterranean or Black Sea coast. But few people suspect what a beautiful nature is hidden from the ordinary tourist inside the country. Going on a bike tour in Turkey, we will visit the mountainous part of the country with its beautiful corners. On this trek we will visit Cappadocia with its unearthly landscapes, overcome the mountains of the Central Taurus, and finish the journey with a traditional vacation on the Mediterranean coast. Each day of the bike ride will pass through new, dissimilar gorges, so you will finally fall in love with Turkey! Exactly in October, exotic fruits ripen in Turkey, which will add special unforgettable colors...

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One woman travels by bike at 50

Andrea (her full name is Andrea Malafaia de Figueiredo), 50, is a retired Brazilian. In April of this year, she embarked on her first independent journey of 8 months. Andrea takes the long road from Lisbon to Paris through the Balkans and talks about this adventure. “One? By bike? For eight months? Pensioner? " - it surprises people. When I was going on this journey, my loved ones did not believe. Someone said that I was brave. But I'm ordinary. I am afraid of many things: afraid of people, afraid of the road. I just packed up and drove off.I started working when I was 15 years old - I wanted to travel at my own expense. The father said:...

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