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Mountain bike and hybrid: what's the difference?

Mountain (MTB) and hybrid bikes can be quite similar in appearance. Both have straight handlebars, wide tires, disc brakes. Many hybrids have a suspension fork. Let's take a closer look. MTB-hardtail (without rear suspension) differs from the outwardly similar hybrid primarily in its purpose. Mountain bikes are designed for steep descents and technical ascents. Roots, ledges and steep cliffs up to one meter are a native element for a hardtail. A hybrid bike is well suited for city rides and dirt roads. They are designed to drive comfortably and quickly on both bumpy roads and smooth highways. The hybrid combines the qualities of an MTB and a road bike. For many cyclists who choose a hybrid for commuting, the upside...

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6 of the best cycling routes in the Alps

Between skiing seasons, the best way to keep fit in the Alps is by bike. Here are six of the most popular cycling routes that are quite affordable even for those who are not used to cycling in high altitude conditions. These bike tours will give you the opportunity to enjoy scenic views and combine physical activity with an unforgettable culinary experience along the way.

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