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How to choose a bike computer?

If you love to ride a bicycle and spend a lot of time on it every week, then a bike computer is one of the most useful gadgets that you can buy to make this hobby even more interesting. Thanks to this gadget, you can not only find out a large number of different parameters and travel statistics, but you can also draw conclusions based on them to make future trips more useful and efficient. Modern technology has turned these small computers from simple speedometers into real on-board systems. Wireless models are easier to install, and they are not afraid of wire damage. Their main drawbacks are often larger dimensions and weight, the possibility of errors in measurements due to...

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How to Choose Bike Covers

A bicycle, as a means of transportation, is very often used for various purposes. However, it, like any other type of transport, should also be stored somewhere to preserve its original appearance, so this involves the purchase and availability of a Bike Covers or it is also called an awning. A Bike Covers is an irreplaceable bicycle accessory for those who often travel and professionally engage in cycling, since the rules for transporting bicycles (bus, train, plane) oblige you to transport the bicycle in it. The cover can also be used for winter storage at home, for the convenience of transporting bicycles in the car, as the bike becomes more compact. This is due to the fact that you can...

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Masks Against Dust

Many of the cyclists, who are forced to travel around the city often and much, are very much affected by the exhaust gases from the surrounding vehicles. It was for them that special Masks Against Dust were invented to protect the respiratory tract. How effective are they? Let's try to figure it out. What do we breathe and why are traffic jams the most “dirty”? Cycling is one of the fastest ways to get around traffic jams. But just imagine how “clean” the air that the lungs are eating at that moment! Not everyone succeeds in catering to suburban traffic jams, but in large cities, especially at rush hour, the length of traffic jams can reach several tens of kilometers....

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