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Must-Have for Cyclists

Beloria News

STRAVA has become paid? Understanding the changes and innovations
The bicycle world is discussing one news - STRAVA has become paid! But everything is not so clear. We will look at all the changes in Strava functions.

Training Equipment for Cycling Travel
When you are planning a bike trip, you need to place it on a bike. The best bike travel preparation tips.

How to service the bike
Any bicycle requires service, cleaning and lubrication - not only before the opening of the season, when most cyclists in the spring take out their bikes and begin to prepare them for summer, but also throughout the entire riding period. In addition, some owners engage in cycling all year round or with a short break.

Trends and brands: cycling news - how to choose a bike?
Is it so easy to buy a new bike? Two wheels, a frame, a transmission, brakes - a common set, you can not bother. That's just confused in stores: a new model, modern technology, a fresh generation of attachments. Does it make sense to pay attention to this or is it not worth complicating everything - is it just a bicycle? Let's see what manufacturers offer us to ride on, and try to figure out what's new in these new products.

How to choose a bike helmet for city bike rides
A bicycle is an ideal solution for city trips. The current situation has shown that during quarantine, the bicycle has become an excellent and fast...

How to ride and not get killed on the roads?
So. Winter is over. It got warmer on the street, the snow melted, the roads dried up, everyone took out their bicycles and drove out onto the roads. Social media feeds filled with happy photos from the parks.
But there is a fly in the ointment: news also appeared "in the city of N, a car hit a cyclist." Because spring, and not all drivers are conscious enough to prepare for cyclists on the road. Many of which have a very vague idea of the rules of the road and their rights / obligations on the road. How to ride and not get killed on the roads?

How to choose a bike computer?
If you love to ride a bicycle and spend a lot of time on it every week, then a bike computer is one of the most useful gadgets that you can buy to ...

How to Choose Bike Covers
A bicycle, as a means of transportation, is very often used for various purposes. However, it, like any other type of transport, should also be st...

Masks Against Dust
Many of the cyclists, who are forced to travel around the city often and much, are very much affected by the exhaust gases from the surrounding ve...