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13 reasons to consider an e-bike

Electric bicycles are gradually entering our lives. It looks like an ordinary bicycle, but a special electric motor is built into it, which helps to pedal. It attracts eyes, raises questions, gives rise to rumors. Let's talk about why an e-bike can be interesting for both cyclists and ordinary people! E-bikes make it easier to spin Generally speaking, an electric bike is a normal bike, but with an electric motor that helps with normal pedaling. When you step on the pedals, the small motor kicks in and gives a little acceleration. Especially such help may be needed if you are storming a hill or climb with a full backpack on your back. Unlike an electric scooter, which spins the wheel...

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How to choose bike clothes

Even seasoned cyclists are sometimes confused when it comes to the question of what clothing to choose for a ride. The fact is that it is impossible to absolutely accurately forecast the weather for every day. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any weather, even though you are supposed to stay in comfortable hotels and take a lot of equipment with you.

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