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Must-Have for Cyclists

Beloria News

About outfitting a cyclist in cold weather
About outfitting a cyclist in cold weather. In the cold season, cyclists have to take the choice of equipment more seriously. There are many details to consider to make cycling as enjoyable in winter as it is in summer.

How to choose Bicycle Sprockets & Chainring in bicycle shops
We will help you choose your bike sprockets and chainring. The chainring is an important part for a bicycle - it simply won't run without them.

How to choose bike clothes
Even seasoned cyclists are sometimes confused when it comes to the question of what clothing to choose for a ride. The fact is that it is impossible to absolutely accurately forecast the weather for every day. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any weather, even though you are supposed to stay in comfortable hotels and take a lot of equipment with you.

Exercises for buttocks and thighs (resistance band workout)
Exercises for buttocks and thighs For one workout, select 10-12 exercises of your choice (you can distribute all exercises on different days). We p...

10 benefits of using elastic bands for fitness
It is an ideal tool for toning muscles, creating a toned and elastic body. Exercises with elastic bands for fitness help to work on the muscles qualitatively.

Bike seat for women soft
The bicycle is a transport that is equally popular with men and women. Adults and children ride it. Today you can meet anyone driving an environmen...

Do i need a gel saddle on a bike?
Now the question of whether to buy a gel bike saddle has been fully explored. Read our review and customer reviews.

Are motorcycle covers needed?
When leaving an iron horse in a parking in the open, it is important to protect it well. It is for these purposes that there are motorcycle covers.

How to Choose a Survival Kit in Extreme Conditions
Caught in an extreme situation, you should always rely on yourself. Survival Kit in extreme conditions consists of items that will save your life

How to choose a bicycle pouch or bag
A bicycle bag and a bicycle pouch are important accessories, a way to make any bike functional. Modern solutions can optimize the load on the rider.

BMW Motorcycle Sales Rise Worldwide In June 2020
In June, 20,021 motorcycles of the Munich manufacturer were sold worldwide, which is 9.8% more than in June 2019. Of course, pent-up demand played a role here: until June, many BMW dealerships did not work because of the pandemic, and customers who did not want to miss the season were waiting for the stores to open as soon as possible to pick up their new bikes.

How to replace a bike chain
The chain is a key element of the bicycle transmission assembly. Chain mechanism is subjected to dynamic loads. How to replace the chain on a bicycle.