How to service the bike

General rules for service the bike

Any bicycle requires service, cleaning and lubrication - not only before the opening of the season, when most cyclists in the spring take out their bikes and begin to prepare them for summer, but also throughout the entire riding period. In addition, some owners engage in cycling all year round or with a short break.

The more intensively and more often a bicycle is used, the more attention needs to be paid to its working condition.

The basic rules of the service are simple

1. The undercarriage must be clean.
2. The chain, cassette, stars and switches are lubricated and do not creak.
3. Tires - inflated.

If you follow these simple rules, then the ride will be much more comfortable, and the bike will not need to be repaired or replaced for a long time.

About the need for service

About the need for service
Fenders for a bicycle are an irreplaceable accessory that will protect you from dirt and water inevitably flying on your back. This is especially relevant in rainy and nasty weather. 
Modern models of bicycles are quite resistant to adverse conditions, but it is necessary to observe the correct operating conditions.
 1. Dirt mixed with the lubricant on the chain becomes a dangerous abrasive, damaging the chain and making movement difficult.
2. Sand is clogged in the bicycle hub, which leads to quick wear of the bearings. Therefore, any moving part of the bike needs thorough lubrication and cleaning.
3. Bushings, threaded bolts, connecting rods require timely tightening (any static part of the bike breaks up over time).
4. Dust and dirt can get into the free space under the bolt, then the bike starts to creak heavily.

Bike cleaning

Cleaning is an essential part of service the bike. Major cleaning is carried out at the beginning and at the end of the bike season, as well as after extreme driving or heavy pollution due to bad weather.

About the need for service

What is the best way to wash a bike?

We begin the washing of the bicycle with a bucket of warm water and a portion of a special cycle shampoo. They are intended for use on painted metal and / or carbon fiber. Many cleaning products are sold in concentrated form and must be diluted with water.

If the bike has a lot of dirt, cleansing sprays are used to help get rid of dirt faster. After the spray is applied, you need to wait a few minutes for it to work, then rinse with water or a damp cloth, and in hard-to-reach places with a brush.

Degreasers will be needed to remove heavy contaminants. These tools will certainly come in handy for cleaning the chain and other moving parts of the transmission, the purity of which depends on its trouble-free operation. It is no secret that dirt on these elements leads to premature wear of parts.

How to wash a bike?

It is best to spray water on the frame and rim before applying special detergents and let the bike stand for a while.
How to wash a bike?
Severe contamination is best rinsed with a jet of water first, rather than starting to immediately rub the bicycle frame with a sponge, as hard particles of dust, soil or sand can scratch the paint, which causes premature corrosion of the metal.

Do not wash your bike like a car, directing a powerful stream of water at it. A high pressure easily flushes the grease out of the chain, and on most mountain bike models, bearings accumulate water, which is rather problematic to drain.