How to Choose Bike Covers

A bicycle, as a means of transportation, is very often used for various purposes. However, it, like any other type of transport, should also be stored somewhere to preserve its original appearance, so this involves the purchase and availability of a Bike Covers or it is also called an awning.

A Bike Covers is an irreplaceable bicycle accessory for those who often travel and professionally engage in cycling, since the rules for transporting bicycles (bus, train, plane) oblige you to transport the bicycle in it. The cover can also be used for winter storage at home, for the convenience of transporting bicycles in the car, as the bike becomes more compact. This is due to the fact that you can significantly save the space that a bicycle occupies, dust less, protect it from sunlight, small impacts, and have a waterproof function. In addition, the velocity cover can be used at a picnic, like a rug, a tourist tent, it can be easily folded, ease of use, made of durable fabric, has little weight (up to 1 kg).


The cover allows you to store the bike without removing the wheels and accessories


Bike covers come in many sizes. It depends on several key factors, namely the length and height of the bike, as well as the diameter of the wheels.

Multicolor Bike Cover

Before packing the bicycle, it is advisable that it be completely washed so as not to stain the cover and keep it clean.


Somewhere a bag cover is an opportunity for the trip itself


This accessory can serve as an excellent tent in a campaign, especially in expanded form. Under it you can hide a bicycle or other things at night or just from the rain. The case is also a great place to store. Having placed a bicycle in a cover, it can be hung on a carnation. In this condition, your vehicle will perfectly wait for the summer.

What should be a bag cover?
1. A high-quality cover is sewn of strong, but lightweight fabric.
2. It should hold the entire bike, along with the wheels.
3. Its fasteners are required to be reliable and to close quickly.
4. It should have comfortable handles and a strap.