How to Choose a Survival Kit in Extreme Conditions

Caught in an extreme situation, especially in the wild, you should always rely on yourself, your strength and endurance, as well as the help of an emergency survival kit. This set consists of items that will help to light a fire, get food, improve well-being, and just hold out for several days until help arrives. Survival kits come in different configurations. There are special, military, rescue or naval kits, there are camping, tourist kits. In our store, which sells equipment for tourism, you can purchase a standard set for survival. The main thing is to always take the Survival Kit with you to the nature, even if the duration of the trip is three days. It should always be at hand, and even better if there are several of them - one can be put in a car, one in a backpack, several can be put in the pockets of clothes, and the smallest one can be hung around the neck or put in shoes.

Forest Survival Kit

Forest Survival Kit

The set of necessary items for tourists and "survivors" should be lightweight so as not to tire of carrying, waterproof, so as not to deteriorate in the rain or when crossing a body of water, and also durable for any mechanical stress. A survival kit for the forest should include:

  1. Means for lighting a fire: dry fuel, matches, kerosene, lighter, flint. Better to put a few lighters, flint, hunting matches. A magnifying glass will help to get fire without matches with the help of a directed beam of sunlight.
  2. Knife. You can’t do without this tool in the forest. In the absence of an ax or saw, they can cut branches for a fire, cut bark, open canned food, and get food. It must be durable, made of hardened steel.
  3. A small bar to sharpen a knife.
  4. Instant glue. Not every brand is able to withstand moisture, but it takes up very little space and sometimes saves the situation.
  5. Multitool is a necessary thing for a “survivor” in the forest. It does not replace a full-fledged knife, but it contains a lot of necessary tools that are useful for extracting water and food, building a hut, lighting a fire, repairing clothes and shoes. These are various mini-screwdrivers, files, scissors, hooks, corkscrew, and more.
  6. Means for giving a distress signal: a small rocket launcher, two rubber balls of bright orange color, a mirror (it will be needed to give light signals).
  7. Flashlight with a set of batteries, a candle. It is better to use a LED flashlight in a metal case.
  8. Minimum tableware: bowler, bowl. The aluminum pot is lightweight and quickly heats up. It is better to have two dishes - one for food, the second for water.
  9. The minimum set of medicines: bandage, gauze, iodine, patch, painkiller, antipyretic, tourniquet, hydrogen peroxide, a remedy for pain in the heart, stomach, drugs for heartburn and nausea. In addition, scissors, furatsilin, ethyl alcohol and a burn remedy can always be needed. We must not forget about antibacterial agents, because you can always get injured and get blood poisoning. If you are allergic to anything, you need to add antihistamines, as well as individual medicines for existing diseases.
  10. A simple, black lead pencil with a set of bright stickers.
  11. Potassium permanganate to filter water or a carbon filter.
  12. When planning a trip to places where poisonous snakes or insects are found, it is necessary to equip the first-aid kit with an antidote. It will be superfluous if there is no snake in the place where you are going. The main rule of the survival kit is maximum practicality with minimal dimensions.

For survival in the forest in winter, the emergency stock is slightly different in its configuration
For survival in the forest in winter, the emergency stock is slightly different in its configuration. Lighters are generally useless in winter. They are replaced by a chair with a flint, it is advisable that they have a pair of pieces in the set. Be sure to bring along a spare set of warm clothes, including a hat and shoes. The kit should include a dense plastic film measuring two by three meters, and preferably even more. In an extreme case, it will help build a hut, protect yourself from wind or snow. It is better to replace the rope, which may break from the frost, with a wire, with which you can fix the housing made. A small sharp shovel or ax are indispensable things in the winter forest.