How to choose a bike computer?

If you love to ride a bicycle and spend a lot of time on it every week, then a bike computer is one of the most useful gadgets that you can buy to make this hobby even more interesting.

Thanks to this gadget, you can not only find out a large number of different parameters and travel statistics, but you can also draw conclusions based on them to make future trips more useful and efficient. Modern technology has turned these small computers from simple speedometers into real on-board systems.

Waterproof 5 Language Bike Computer

Wireless models are easier to install, and they are not afraid of wire damage. Their main drawbacks are often larger dimensions and weight, the possibility of errors in measurements due to interference (especially with cheap models) and, of course, a higher cost.

Bike Computer Wireless

The larger the screen, the more information that is useful to the cyclist will fit on it, and the easier it will be to perceive. But large bike computers, as you probably already guessed, take up more space on the steering wheel.

Most often, cycle computers can display 2-4 lines of data. Expensive and advanced models are equipped with full-color LCD displays, but in most cases this can be considered an excess.

Having backlighting is much more important - if you spend a lot of time hiking and traveling at night, then a bicycle computer without lighting will be practically useless.

Large Screen Bicycle Computer

If you ride a bicycle not only on roads and away from shelters where you can hide from the rain, then the waterproof case of your computer is one of the most necessary conditions for its purchase. Naturally, the computer in the rain can simply be removed or covered with something, but then it will cease to fulfill its functions.

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