How to choose a bicycle pouch or bag

A bicycle bag and a bicycle pouch are important accessories, a way to make any bike even more functional and comfortable. They are specifically for the tourist bike. A bicycle bag is a very wide selection of a wide variety of trucks and items. Modern solutions for developers can optimize the load on the rider.

1. Advantages

Compared to a regular backpack, bag or basket, the bike bag has the following advantages:

strong convenient fastening;
convenient access to cargo;
many models have adjustable volume;
dense waterproof material;
the possibility of transformation;
ergonomic shape.
Usually they can solve all the "baggage" problems.

2. Types

Depending on the mounting location and volume. They can be mounted on:

steering wheel.
The number of trips depends on the type of trip. The optimal capacity will depend on the duration of the trip.

So, for multi-day trips you need to have the maximum possible number of bags. For weekend trips, it is also advisable to have several different types of capacity of 40 liters or more (preferably type of pants). If the trip is one-day, then 30-35 liters is quite enough. The capacity is 25-30 liters., And a bus trip can cost 6 - 15 liters.

2.1. Bag-pants (velobaul)

This is a roomy bag, consisting of two or three sections. Three-section version - one central upper section is mounted on the rear trunk. The two-section version consists only of legs. The capacity of three sections can be from 40 to 90 liters, depending on the model, two sections - 25-35 liters.

Trunks are very popular because they are very spacious, and their design allows you to evenly distribute heavy loads on the sides of the trunk. A tent, a bedroom, clothes, camping utensils, a burner and other things necessary for camping are easily placed here. Universal fasteners allow you to quickly and easily fix / remove the bag on the trunk. In many models, it is also convenient not to wear separately, throw over your shoulder.

2.2. Single-volume with top mount

This type of bag is mounted on top of the trunk and has a large, fairly large compartment of 15-20 liters, which allows you to carry a lot of things. They resemble a bag-pants, but differ in one compartment.

A convenient option for overall things, but with incomplete fullness it becomes uncomfortable. It’s not very convenient to transport a lot of small things, to get things from the bottom, you need to sort through all the things.

Sometimes the capacity can be changed by unfastening or fastening the snake. Often there are pockets for small items and cards. Special handles will allow you to install the bag on the trunk, and a shoulder strap will help you easily reach your destination after removing it from your bike.

2,3. Side

Fastened to the side of the bike with spring-loaded hooks, belts or clips. They can be used individually (in the left or right). A securely secured load does not interfere with movement. Quickly detach from the trunk. The volume is usually 10-20 liters, often it can be increased or decreased by unzipping or fastening the zipper. There are both single-section and multi-section lateral options.

2.4. Steering wheel bag

It features a small volume, usually from 5 to 15 liters and ease of use. It plays a supporting role in the transport of things, it provides quick access to easy essentials. Usually has several pockets and a transparent compartment for cards. Small tools, keys and other small items. The bag is easily mounted on the steering wheel and is quickly removed with it.

2.5. Subframe or Seatpost Pouch

Typically, these models have a small capacity and one or more compartments. The pouch is mounted on a frame, seatpost or saddle using Velcro straps. There are very small one-volume pouches with a volume of about 0.3 liters, they are called small. They are convenient to carry mini tools that can come in handy on the road. Medium-sized options usually have two to three compartments, in which it is convenient to carry a tool, first-aid kit, telephone and other small items. A large pouch usually has three compartments, in addition to all of the above, you can carry a pump, a larger tool, arm ruffles and other things.

Reflective tape on the seatposts increases the visibility of the bike on the road in the dark.

2.6. Backpack for bicycle

Ideal for those who ride short distances, to the cottage or to the nearest lake, and do not carry a lot of things with them. The backpack is convenient in compact dimensions, it is always with a tourist.

When choosing a backpack for cycling, you need to choose an anatomical model of a small volume. The waist band and the jumper between the straps will correctly distribute the load, so you will be less tired.

Also, make sure that the back with the backpack on it is ventilated. Wrong straps will make you sweat quickly, and the loss of large amounts of fluid threatens to dehydrate.

It is better to choose a color that is bright, clearly visible and always with reflective elements. In this case, the passive safety of movement on highways in the daytime and in the dark increases.

3. Requirements for bicycle bags

Regardless of the type and capacity, when choosing, pay attention to:

the quality of the material, it must be tight, waterproof, protecting things from dust and precipitation;
shape stability;
lack of defects and distortions;
reliability of seams and lightnings;
fastener strength;
ease of access to content;
the presence of handles and a strap for carrying in your hands or shoulder;
the presence of additional sections and pockets;
the presence of reflective elements.
Well, if additional options are present, such as:

the presence of a hydrator (drinking system) or fastening under it;
cover from dirt and rain.

4. Tips for choosing

Before buying, determine the destination, type and volume of the bag.
Choose the place of purchase correctly, read the article on this topic on our website.
Inspect the product for compliance with the requirements listed in paragraph 3.
Do not choose options with a too large upper part and short “pants”, they are prone to distortions.
It is advisable to come to the bike shop on your bike and try on the selected product.

5. Tips for packing

nothing should look out of the bag; this is unsafe;
put the heaviest objects at the bottom of the “pants”, fill the “pants” completely so that they do not hang out and there is a good pressure on the trunk.
put the most necessary things on top.
Place the card, passport, phone and wallet in the front bag, which is mounted on the steering wheel.

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