How to choose a bike helmet for city bike rides

A bicycle is an ideal solution for city trips. The current situation has shown that during quarantine, the bicycle has become an excellent and fast means of transportation that helps to follow the rules of social distance. Many cities around the world have begun to expand their bicycle networks and invest in the development of cycling infrastructure.

Although it is quite safe to ride a bicycle (in terms of social distance), it is important not to forget about your own protection during the trip. A bicycle helmet is one of the most important things in a cyclist's arsenal, because no matter how safe the road is, there is still a risk of falling or colliding. But how to choose a helmet that is right for you? Let's talk about 5 main characteristics that should be considered when choosing this item of equipment.

to facilitate the circulation of the bikes in town

1. Safety above all

All helmets on the market must comply with the safety standards (CE -, AS / NZ, CPSC) introduced in the countries of sale. Some models may cover the head more - in the event of an impact, the additional material of the inner shell will provide more protection. If you ride an electric bicycle, then the helmet must have a special certification NTA 8776. Such helmets are tested for higher speeds, and can dissipate much more energy from the impact.

2. Visibility

One of the key features of the helmet is its visibility, which is especially important when traveling in the city. It should make you visible due to active (flashes and lights) and passive (color, reflectors) elements. First of all, pay attention to the reflective elements, because they distinguish you very well on the road in the dark - some models have more of these elements, which are located in different places. For example, the MET Grancorso has a reflective strip around the helmet, which makes the cyclist visible from all sides. At night and in bad weather, it is very important to have a backlight or gauge. Note the presence of such an option in the helmet, or the ability to buy it separately - for example.

At night or in bad weather, a rear light is essential

Comfortable Bicycle Saddle with Tail light

3. Design and comfort

It is obvious that you are free to choose any helmet in which you will enjoy the trip, which will suit your style and remain comfortable in any conditions. There are many different models on the market, so you can choose a helmet that will suit the "casual" style, or choose a sporty design (such as Crossover or Allroad models), which can be used for other cycling activities. As for comfort - in this case, the best solution would be to choose a helmet that has a micrometer adjustment system that will ensure the optimal position of the helmet on his head.

Cycling Helmet (Men's & Women's)

4. Wear resistance

In the case of daily use of the helmet, you will also often put it on hard surfaces, often carried and stored somewhere. And thanks to its design, the helmet will last you longer and provide better protection. The inner part of the EPS helmet (so-called expanded polystyrene) is covered with an outer shell, which additionally protects the helmet from damage.

5. Choose what you need

Trips are not always the same. That is why it is important to choose a helmet that will have characteristics according to your tasks. If you use it in any weather, you may need extra eye protection. Or in case you are going to a place, a magnetic clasp, as on the MET Grancorso may be more convenient, because it is easy to fasten with one hand.

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