BMW Motorcycle Sales Rise Worldwide In June 2020

Literally all car and motorcycle manufacturers report record sales declines and losses associated with quarantine measures around the world. But there are companies that suddenly send reports on positive records. Things are going well, for example, at BMW Motorrad.

In June, 20,021 motorcycles of the Munich manufacturer were sold worldwide, which is 9.8% more than in June 2019. Of course, pent-up demand played a role here: until June, many BMW dealerships did not work because of the pandemic, and customers who did not want to miss the season were waiting for the stores to open as soon as possible to pick up their new bikes.

In Western Europe alone, BMW Motorrad sold 13,937 motorcycles last month. In total, this year the inhabitants of the planet purchased 76,707 new 2-wheel models of the mentioned brand. This, by the way, is less than in the first half of 2019.

The largest growth in sales of BMW motorcycles (and other brands) is observed in France: there in June there was an increase of as much as 72% compared to June last year. In the home market in Germany, BMW Motorrad reported a 58.2% increase in sales. The Bavarians intend to offset the general decline in sales for the first half of the year before the end of summer - July also promises to be a record for BMW. So far, the best year for sales for BMW Motorrad has been 2019.

The most popular BMW motorcycle in the world (by the way, and in Belarus) remains the beloved many Enduro R 1250 GS. He was actively catching up with last year’s novelty - the dude BMW F 900 R.