Are motorcycle covers needed?

The use and application of motorcycle covers

Any bike is less weatherproof than a car. When leaving an iron horse in a parking or parking lot in the open, it is important to protect it well. It is for these purposes that there are motorcycle covers.

Benefits of Using Covers
Using the cover you can protect the bike from rain or snow when storing it on the street. The fabric in this case must be waterproof. But covering the motor also provides other benefits:
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Dust protection. The streets of our cities are quite dirty, especially at the beginning of the season, while the sand that poured roads in the winter has not yet been washed away by the rains. Any gust of wind raises dust clouds into the air, which settle on the motorcycle. It looks unpleasant, especially if the bike is black. Dust scratches the varnish, especially if you wipe it with a dry cloth or even draw it with your finger;
Protection in the garage during the winter. For several months of downtime, the bike is covered with a layer of dust. And if several people rent a garage, then the chance of pushing, dropping, scratching it increases. A well-prepared motorcycle, lubricated with special chemistry wherever possible, creates its own microclimate under an awning, does not rust, does not become damp. The main thing is not to put it wet for the winter;
Theft protection. Most of the hijackings are carried out according to the principle of "walking, saw - glistening, wanted to steal." The cover on the motorcycle makes the technique inconspicuous, discreet. The thief will need to at least get under the fabric in order to study what kind of apparatus is there. Of course, the coating will not protect against professionals, but from “mimic crocodiles” - completely;
Protection from the curious. Very often, people do not understand that a bike is someone else's property. They can climb on it to take pictures, they want to put the child on, they can accidentally push or drop the mot, press the “different buttons”, after which you can’t start it ... Leaving the vehicle for longer than a couple of minutes - it is advisable to always cover it.
Not everyone uses tents. But this is not connected with some practical features, but with banal laziness. One always wants, upon arrival, to park a motorbike and run away on business. And then come, jump on a horse, and rush off into the distance. The cover must be removed, unfolded, carefully thrown, pulled from all sides. And then remove, fold, if wet - dry, pack in a bag or backpack, and only then - go. All the romance disappears! But you must admit, protecting a bike in every sense is much more expensive than a couple of minutes of your time.

What qualities should a motorcycle cover have?
The times are long gone when motorbikes were stored in the yard, covered with a piece of tarpaulin and, at best, thrown on top another piece of cellophane. Today, technology has gone far ahead, and there are serious requirements for quality awnings:
Motorcycle Cover Universal Size
The fabric should “breathe” and prevent condensation. Otherwise, you will get mold growing on all rubber parts, as well as rust where there are even small scratches;
At the same time - moisture protection. In the rain, the fabric should not get wet;
Refractoriness is one of the main qualities. The cover should not melt or light up from contact with hot exhaust pipes. If you have to wait until the engine cools down before covering the motorcycle, this is a bad cover;
Lightweight and compact when folded. Awning fumbles in a bag or backpack, and not in the trunk of a car. Therefore, it should take up as little space as possible;
Strength. Not always the bike is on the pavement. Often it is soil, and around - bushes and trees. Bad fabric easily tears if it clings to a branch. A good cover can last for several years and is not wiped anywhere.

If you have not used a motorcycle case, try it! When you appreciate all its advantages, you can no longer refuse it.