About outfitting a cyclist in cold weather

What to look for when choosing clothes in bike shops

In cold weather, it's important to strike a balance between keeping warm and free movement.

Too light clothing is fraught with hypothermia. In also warm it is easy to sweat and afterward it is supercooled again. The best option is clothes that will be cold at first. So after ten minutes of driving, you will reach a comfortable temperature.

Another problem in bike shops with warm clothing is that it is often bulky. And you need it not to hinder movement, not get tangled in a chain, or obstruct your view. In a word, to make it comfortable in it. The correct choice of model and material will help here.

The third point - in the cold season, the sun sets quickly, and, especially if the clothes are dark colors, you should make sure that other road users see you. Reflective stripes or garments with reflective fabric inserts can help.

Basic clothing in bike shops

So, for cycling, you need clothes that keep you warm and wick away moisture. Thermal underwear works best with this. It should be suitable for the weather and not too warm or light. Choose thermal underwear that fits well even when you bend, so that it covers your entire back while cycling and doesn't bulge.

The next layers are weather-dependent. In winter, a fleece jacket is suitable, which not only warms but also removes moisture. In warmer seasons, a lighter fabric is needed.

The jacket and pants must be windproof. Cross-country ski pants work best because they are tight and therefore impervious to moisture and air currents. By the way, Cycling Bib Pants will provide additional protection from the cold, especially if you are traveling far and without interruption.

A jacket can also be a ski jacket, but if it is not very cold outside, then a windbreaker will do. In case you are sweating but want to make a long stop along the way, it is helpful to have extra outerwear with you that you can throw over your jacket. And in rain and snow, only waterproof outerwear will save you. Otherwise, you will get wet, which is quite dangerous and threatens with severe hypothermia.

Shoes, gloves, hat in bike shops

When looking for shoes, look for trekking boots - they are comfortable and warm. If you ride in contact cycling shoes, and you do not have a winter pair, you can buy special thermal covers for them. Remember, getting the right footwear is very important because when cycling, your feet do not move and can quickly freeze.

However, the places more vulnerable to the cold are the airways and hands.
Face, head and neck will be well protected by a mask or balaclava of any type - ski, bicycle - the main thing is to keep warm. If it's very cold outside, put on a hat on top. For helmets, there are special covers that protect the head from the cold, and the helmet itself - from moisture.

The eyes also need protection. In winter, a ski goggle is best - it saves you from the glare that reflects the snow and also protects you from snowfall and cold air.

Since the hands are nearly stationary when cycling, gloves should be very warm and windproof, but still, allow free gear changes and brakes. It is best to wear two pairs of gloves - thinner and significantly warmer. So, if something needs to be fixed or repaired, light gloves will keep your hands from freezing too much.

Use our advice, but remember to listen to your body - it's your best temperature indicator. And let the cold not be a hindrance to cycling!

Author: Andrey Rumyantsev - Omni Sports Leader of Cycling